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Motorcycle Clothing UK

Here at Speedwear we have been supplying waxed cotton clothing for many years, we believe in quality, function and value. Our range of waxed cotton motorcycle jackets are suitable for use on and off the bike, from the Classic which is totally traditional, can be used in the country or just a great piece of every day clothing to; the Pulford which is our most technical jacket to-date, with armor and a waterproof liner. Our customers, the longevity of our product and the recognition that our brand stands for quality are what makes us stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

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Biker clothing UK

Biker clothing in the UK; when we started out it was your standard race suit and an R1, we noticed that riders wanted something more from motorcycling than just speed, so we started supplying and designing our own range of waxed cotton motorcycle jackets and retailed them through our online shop. We got recognised by our customers for bringing something different to the table, they appreciated us for the high quality motorcycle clothing we produced and also our great customer service.

Motorcycle clothing shops

Quality British motorcycle clothing and Kit for sale in the UK. Here at Speedwear our roots are in motorcycling, we have been supplying both retail and motorcycle clothing shops in the UK and worldwide since our inception in 1995. We are always happy to hear from new and potential customers who are interested in our quality motorcycle clothing or just waxed cotton clothing with a difference.

Motorcycle clothing online

Our online motorcycle clothing shop presents our full range of product, due to our efficiency and automation we are able to supply affordable motorcycle clothing that you can buy online or through one of our retailers in the UK, Europe or worldwide.

Motorcycle clothing for sale

There is so much motorcycle clothing for sale in the UK, Europe and worldwide that it makes your decision as a purchaser daunting. Here at Speedwear we are always happy to help you with what we feel is the best motorcycling clothing available.

Motorbike clothes UK

Motorbike clothes UK and worldwide are of varying degrees of quality at Speedwear we strive to supply the best quality motorcycle clothing and motorcycle clothing accessories with the best quality service possible. We do occasionally offer motorbike clothes at discount prices but you’ll have to be quick as they tend to fly off the shelf as we are one of the best motorcycle clothing retailers in the UK and worldwide.

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