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History of motorcycle clothing

Motorcycle clothing has been developed over the centuries, leather was adapted from tank corps gear immediately after World War I. Duster coats a bit like a trench coat tended to catch in the wheels of the bike and were switched for short coat. Wide pegged breaches were worn by some police and military dispatch riders in World War II. The classic American Perfecto Jacket was developed by Irving Scott in 1928 and to this day remains one of motorcycling’s most iconic jackets as worn by Marvin Brando in the Wild one. Today there is an abundance of motorcycle clothing for sale and they have advanced greatly incorporating armour and even airbag technology.

An alternative to leather is motorcycle clothing constructed from man-made textiles. These materials can offer improved water resistance, thermal properties and breathability through design or venting. Nylon, Cordura, Kevlar, Lycra and many, many more materials are now being used and developed for use in the production of motorcycle clothing. Not all motorcycle clothing for sale in the UK is made from synthetic materials. Heavy weight waxed cotton was used for a long time prior to the development of more modern materials.

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