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Davida Speedster v3 Helmets

Davida Speedster v3 Helmets

Davida's fully leather lined helmets are ergonomically designed to fit right & perform well on the road

New for 2017, The Speedster v3 fulfils Davida's long-held ambition to produce a road-legal version of its original Speedster, one of first open face helmets Davida produced more than 26years ago, whilst  an improvement on the original 70's helmets, it remains genuinely reminiscent of these  early jet-style helmets.

Made in England by Davida:  The Speedster v3  has passed the highest quality control required by the latest ECER22-05 and DOT FMVS No 281 Safety Standard Certification 

Achieving dual certification on an exceptionally low profile helmet required an innovative revision of the original Speedster's construction using advanced 'orbital lamination' manufacturing techniques of our GRP composite helmet shells  combined multi density EPS shock absorption liners.