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93102 - Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet - Speedwear Ltd


93102 - Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

Design: Standard              Product Code: 93102

Sizes: X-Small 53-54cm  Small 55-56cm  Medium 57-58cm  Large 59cm X-Large 60cm   XX-Large 61cm.  Helmet Sizing more

New for 2017, The Speedster v3 fulfils Davida's long-held ambition to produce a road-legal version of its original Speedster, one of first open face helmets Davida produced more than 26 years ago, whilst  an improvement on the original 70's helmets, it remains genuinely reminiscent of these  early jet-style helmets.

Achieving dual certification on an exceptionally low profile helmet required an innovative revision of the original Speedster's construction using advanced 'orbital lamination' manufacturing techniques of our GRP composite helmet shells  combined multi density EPS shock absorption liners.

The  improved interior-liner design delivers a new level of helmet personalisation with the ability to retro fit  5 different colours of interior leather liners.The complete leather lining can be removed for cleaning , replacement or customising.

Made in England by Davida:  The Speedster v3  has passed the highest quality control required by the  latest ECER22- 05 & DOT FMVSS No 218 Safety more

SMALL PROFILE: Dual marked with ECER22-05 & DOT FMVSS No 218, the New Speedster v3 retains all the features of their original Speedster helmet with the  same low profile shell shape & same traditional leather lined interior, which is now removable & interchangeable. 

CLOSE FIT:  To create a snug fit which prevents lift at speed, The Speedster v3  is shaped to follow the contours of the head. Together the design of both the shell & interior deliver the ergonomics required to ensure the helmet width around the ears is sufficiently narrower than at the more

TRADITIONAL INTERIOR:  Authentic in design to the retro 70's helmet, the interior is kept simple & traditional, using just enough leather lined padding to obtain a comfortable fit & quiet ride. The Speedster V3  has a  removable & interchangeable black leather interior liner as standard, except 93 514 which is supplied with a ZNut brown leather liner.

SUPERIOR COMFORT:  Maximised by using more than 1sq metre of the finest grade leather to create a superior fully leather lined interior & finished with a satin crown. 

PROPORTIONALITY: Using 3 shell sizes to create the 6 different helmet sizes reduces the overall weight & size to an absolute minimum. The smaller your size the smaller the shell size. The Speedster v3  is therefore the most efficient size & weight possible. 

UNPARALLELED CHOICE:  Whether to match your bike, riding gear or simply to express  more individuality, you can customise & further enhance your Speedster v3 to suit your personal desires.

After Market Liner Kits. Changing the colour of the leather lining is a simple but spectacular way to personalise your helmet.

After market Liner Kits are available in 5 different colours of leather, White, ROX Blood Red, Brown, Znut Brown or Black &  can be easily retro fitted to the helmet. Our online demonstration video shows clearly and easily how this is done single-handedly, at home by yourself.

Paintwork Designs: Available in Boutique range of 19 colourways as standard. Also available in all the other Davida colourways  however, these additional designs are made to order as Customer Specials and  subject to additional customer special charges which  will vary according to the complexity of your paintwork request.

Helmet Studs for Visors and Peaks. We believe you should have the choice whether or not  you want  helmet studs for attaching visors or peaks. You must tell us you want studs fitted to your helmet at the point of ordering. They cannot be retro fitted after the helmet is made. Choose 5 studs for peaks & visors at no extra cost.

SIZING: An additional Half Sizing Kit is available to fix the helmet interior to reduce the size & achieve a personal fitting.




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