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Motorcycle Clothing UK

Here at Speedwear we have been supplying waxed cotton clothing for many years, we believe in quality, function and value. Our range of waxed cotton motorcycle jackets are suitable for use on and off the bike, from the Classic which is totally traditional, can be used in the country or just a great piece of every day clothing to; the Pulford which is our most technical jacket to-date, with armor and a waterproof liner. Our customers, the longevity of our product and the recognition that our brand stands for quality are what makes us stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

£500 Reward

For information relating to stolen goods! - We are offering a £500 reward to any person giving information relating to the theft of our Pulford Jackets in Sand. We will pay a £500 to any person supplying information which leads to a successful prosecution  and recovery of the stolen stock.